Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tanks Hoots

Thanks to Dave Huth, graphic artist and shaper of many media, for making me a nice header for my blog! His vblog movies are a real treat - funny, interesting, meaningful, and other sorts of good.

I’m geeking out. I discovered that Dreams with Sharp Teeth, a movie about Harlan Ellison that I mentioned a few posts ago, is premiering in NYC, and Ellison will be there. The movie’s being presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center on Tuesday, April 8th at 7pm. I plan on traveling about 7 hours to see the movie and coming back the next day.

Now, I realize that this is a fairly idiotic thing to do. It’s made more sensible, though, by the fact that my nice friends Rob and Kathy are going to the movie with me and putting me up afterwards. I look forward to seeing them, and their hospitality saves me many monies. I'll also give myself a few hours to kick around the city. These considerations bring the endeavor into the realm of “almost normal,” I think. Thanks, guys, and see you in a couple days!


Rob S. said...

Cool new logo! We can't wait to see you.

tofu-powered art-chick said...

Have a great time. Drive safely...extra safely, wink, wink ;)
Your new banner is so cool that it blows away any geekdom in the text.

Sharon GR said...

Wish we'd been able to join ya. Bet it was all sorts o'cool.

Don said...

I wish you could have, too, and it was!